Thursday, April 17, 2014

ghandar : 4 years old

the little gentleman is turning four today. 
Hup hup huppy birthday the sun of my days... 

be kind, do the good things.
because everything starts with good things, will end well, though it might not always going fine in between. be kind, because you will not gain anything by doing the opposite. be kind, because there's nothing wrong by doing it. be kind, because it's the only thing that makes you a human.

be faithful, believing your self.
have a courage, sometimes life is hard and you have to fight for it.  don't take things for granted, because you will cherish everything more if you live it. be okay with failure, deal with it. there is always lessons to be learnt within and nothing is happen in vain.

be confident, but don't be arrogant.
be thankful, believing all the things that happen to you is the best. but stay humble, because there is always something bigger than you.

be honest, no matter how hard it is.
because lies only lead you to another lies, and you might be lost. be honest to yourself, speak the truth and stands for the right.

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jensen yermi said...

4 Tahun. Berarti saya ketemu Dewi dulu sudah ada Ghandar ya? Sudah tak ingat sama sekali. Ahaha...

dew said...

Jensen, dimana coba kita ketemu? Errrr... On|Off?